The chair is equipped with a wide range of X-ray sources and setups. This makes the determination of single crystal structures, powder diffraction, surface scattering, X-ray topography and small-angle scattering possible on-site.

Furthermore, complementary measurment techniques are available. Besides optical microscopy, the chair owns an analysis lab to characterize nano materials.

The laboratories are supported by our workshop for fine mechanics as well as by two chemical labs, to be able to realize challenging experimental setups.

Please also refer to the web pages of the Center for Nanoanalysis and Electron Microscopy (CENEM), where many of our devices are accessible for other researchers in a user system.

Bruker ASX D8 diffractometer
In-situ powder diffraction setup
Devices for practical courses
Complementary analyzing methods
Chemistry laboratories
Mechanics workshop

Versatile Advanced X-ray Scattering instrumenT ERlangen (VAXSTER)

  • Xenocs Genix 3D beam delivery system: ultra low divergence
  • beam shaping through source multilayer optics and slit system
  • Pilatus 300K detector (500 Hz)
  • sample chamber in vacuum (100 mbar) or at ambient pressure at air or vapor atmosphere
  • mounting of various sample stages inside detector tube possible (i.e. measurement in vacuum), as well as externally, xy-theta goniometer for transmission as well as grazing incidence applications, stopped flow option, temperature stabilized Cu sample holder for five samples, capillary holder
  • Q-range: 0.003-4 Å-1
  • spec control
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SAXSpace (Anton Paar)

  • SAXS and WAXS setup
  • X-ray source: 50 W Cu Kα microfocus tube
  • Pilatus 100k detector
  • focusing multilayer mirror to monochromatize and enhance X-ray intensity
  • scatterless Kratky-based collimation system for line and point collimation
  • sample holders for liquids, pastes and solids
  • temperature range of -30 °C to +150 °C (peltier heating/cooling)
  • SAXSdrive, SAXStreat and SAXSquant software
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Bruker ASX D8 diffractometer

  • X-ray diffractometer, equipped with molybdenum and copper tubes (MoKα1: 17,479 keV; CuKα1: 8,048 keV)
  • Detectors: 0D scintillation counter; 1D LynxEye detector (192 pixels, 14,4 mm x 16 mm)
  • Scopes: slit optics, crystal monochromator or Göbel mirror
  • horizontal C-arc at detector arm to measure scattering signal out of the plane of incidence
  • reflectometry setup with double Göbel mirror configuration; sample environment kept horizontal due to Theta/Theta geometry, which enables experiments on free liquid surfaces or loose powders
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In-situ powder diffraction setup

  • X-ray device with rotating copper anode for in-situ powder diffraction with CuKα radiation
  • Sample chamber for simulation of different process operations or temperature ascents with maximum temperature of about 550°C, in vacuum or in various gas atmospheres   doi:10.1002/pssa.200669558  doi:10.1016/j.tsf.2010.12.166
  • Setup for in-situ X-ray fluorescence measurement with "white" X-ray spectrum (up to 44 keV), sample chamber for generation of various temperature profiles up to approx. 1100°C, in vacuum or in various gas atmospheres which can realize temperatures up to 1200°C
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  • High-energy single crystal diffractometer, based on tungsten tubes with max. excitation voltage of 450 keV. Using movable detector and sample tables, source-sample and sample-detector distances of a few centimeters up to 18 m can be realized. Next to a CCD planar detector, a mar345 imageplate detector is available.  doi:10.1107/S0021889808012417
  • Additional equipment: a crane makes it possible to lift even heavy loads up to the requested position. Furthermore, various furnaces are available, which can generate temperatures of up to 1200°C under a desired atmosphere (e.g. air or vacuum)
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Devices for practical courses

  • 4 x Huber two circle goniometer for optical mapping of crystals sized 0,01 mm to 5 mm, resolution 0.01°/mm
  • Double radius Weissenberg-camera for image plate pictures of different sensitivity, CuKα radiation
  • D5000 diffractometer with reflectometry option, Göbel mirror and secondary monochromator for CuKα radiation
  • Huber Laue-camera type 802 for transmission and reflection geometry with imageplate mounting for Mo-radiation
  • X-PERT powder diffractometer by PHILIPS/PANALYTICAL, CuKα- or CuKα1 radiation, optionally with 2D/1D detector, GID option and infrared-driven reflectometry attachment
  • Huber Imageplate Guinier diffractometer type 670, Ge-monochromator for CuKα1 radiation and heating attachment HTC 9634 (Tmax = 900°C) for flat samples and capillary geometry
  • Kratky camera system with capillary sample holder and image plate holder for CuKα1 radiation
  • Evacuable Huber Debye-Scherrer-camera type 807 with radius of 57,3 mm for image plates of height 35 mm with adjustment system for CuKα radiation
  • Four-circle diffractometer type Philips PW 1100 MoKα1, resolution 0,001°, temperature in sample chamber can be stabilized via Peltier elements with ΔT = 0.1°C
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Complementary analyzing methods

  • Perkin Elmer DSC 8500: calorimeter to analyze enthalpies and melting behavior of different samples. The sample's enthalpy can be measured at a temperature range of -90°C to 450°C with heating rates between 1 and 30 K/min.
  • Setaram µDSC III: calorimeter for detailed examination of enthalpies at low temperatures with small heating rates (0.01 – 1 K/min). Temperature range: -20°C – 120°C
  • PCS (photon correlation spectroscopy, dynamic light scattering): light scattering device with red laser (632 nm) as well as variable laser light. Suitable for determination of structure, size, diffusion coefficient, viscosity, etc.
  • UV/Vis TIDAS 300K: absorption spectrometer with photodiode array. Very high time resolution (up to 0.4 ms) as well as large range of wavelengths (190 – 730 nm).
  • Stopped Flow SFM 200 (Biologic): Stopped Flow with 2 syringes with capacity of 10 ml. Dead time about 2 ms, with head for simultaneous X-ray measurement. Can also be combined with UV/Vis.
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  • incident/transmitted light near-field polarisation microscope, Typ NIKON LS 100 (magnification 1:1000)
  • Fernfeldstereomikroskop, Fa. ZEISS vom Typ Axiovert 25 KR 158 (magnification 1:630)
  • Device for contact angle measurement, type DATAPHYSICS OCA 15EC
  • Rheometer, type Bohlin CSR-10 with cooling/heating attachment (-28 - +150°C)
  • Micromanipulator NARISHIGE Micro Forge MF-900 for handling crystals <1mm3
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Chemistry laboratories

  • Langmuir-Blodgett device
  • Quartz work station
  • High-pressure homogenizer
  • Additional laboratory equipment (ultrasonic baths, centrifuge, ozone cleaner, ultrapure water system, various analyzing scales, fume cupboards)
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Mechanical workshop

  • Diamond wire saw for processing of hard materials
  • Polishing machine, type Struers Tegramin-30
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