The key to understanding and developing new materials for innovative future applications is the knowledge about the structure of condensed matter. The chair for crystallography and structural physics conducts intense research on these and neighboring fields, including research on materials for hightech applications on laser and computer chips, for power generation and in the field of life sciences. We examine nanoparticles, single crystals, surfaces and thin layers and contribute to the development of measuring and analysing methods. One large priority are in situ examinations at high temperatures and in the early stages of the formation of nano particles.

We are using scattering and diffraction methods of many different geometries to analyze the structural characteristics of these sample systems. Next to using the many available X-ray sources and labs at the institute, we regularly take trips to the X-ray and neutron sources around the world.

The following overview leads you to the specific projects of our employees:


Structural analyzation of functionalized surfaces

Structural characteristics of thin layers for photovoltaics

Life sciences

Instrumentalization and analyzing methods