6th German-Russian Travelling Seminar Synchrotron & Neutron Light Sources

From 30th Sept till 11th Oct 2015, a two-week autumn school on the topic nanoparticles and large-scale research facilities will take place. Our voyage takes us from Berlin, via Lund (Sweden) and Hamburg to Cologne. The costs for travel and accomodation are covered. We are looking forward to 12 interested MSc and PhD students of natural sciences and engingeering, which like to participate in the scientific seminar and the cultural experience together with 12 Russian students. Read more...


Universal solvent restructuring induced by colloidal nanoparticles

Nanoparticles are dispersed in liquids in various of their applicational fields. To date only theoretical simulations predicted the behaviour of solvent molecules at the nanoparticle surface. For the first time, the restructuring of solvent molecules within nanoscopic solvation shells around the nanoparticle interface was experimentally shown within a PhD thesis at our institute. Zobel, M., Neder, R. B., & Kimber, S. A., Science, 347(6219), 292-294.


International Symposium on Current Challenges in Structural Physics

On the 7th of July an international symposium will be held on the occasion of the retirement of Prof. Dr. Andreas Magerl. The symposium will deal with current challenges in structural physics. Following the symposium there will be a reception and a social get-together. Read more


First CENEM Summer School for X-ray Scattering

The 1st CENEM Summer School for X-ray Scattering will be held at the chair for crystallography and structural physics from 6th to 9th of October 2015. This school will provide a perfect opportunity to get a detailed insight into theory and practice of several modern scattering methods as e.g. powder diffraction, small angle X-ray scattering, surface scattering using a grazing incident X-ray beam, and reflectometry. This includes lessons about the basic principles of scattering of X-rays, methodological background of the diverse methods, but also data reduction and data evaluation. Half of the time will be devoted to hands on training and demonstration experiments at several of our state-of-the-art laboratory instruments.

Detailed information about the application can be found here.